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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Sunday, April 11, 2021


The first and second verses were written on the 29th of December, 2016 by 07:15 PM. The last verse was written prior to the former as the poet explains that he lately discovered the birds that can actually speak but can't convince themselves with the borrowed language. The last verse was written on the 11th of April, 2021 by 05:30 PM.

If only birds could speak 
I'ud join in the feather's anthem
If only birds could speak 
I'ud kiss the heights above
If only birds could speak 
I'ud drive the kites to their homes 
If only birds could speak 
I'ud fly the flies in the sky
If only birds could speak 
I'ud make the best symphony 
I'ud take selfies on cloudy trees 
Ans I'ud visit the moon at noon 

If only birds could speak
I'ud travel the world before twelve 
I'ud build my hut in space
And my nest on earth I'ud pace 
If only birds could speak
I'ud join the top feeders 
I'ud travel with the best feathers 
And I'ud whisper these to their fathers 

So lately I found the parakeets-
The grey parrots and the cockatoos
They are good motivational speakers 
But can't convince their feathers and fathers

 (c)Nekabari Benson Nwika (2021).

Sunday, February 14, 2021



The character of the Almighty
Shared undiluted to mankind in bounty
A practice tapped from Calvary by His Majesty
Underrated by so called lovers at night party

Amongst others, she's the greatest of all
Like the Greatest Of All Time in football
She's ever ready to cherish and care at every call
And to show mercy and lift your head when you fall

Love is patient and kind
Love does no envy and pride
Love thinks no evil and doesn't behave unseemly
Love rejoices in truth and not in iniquity

Love bears and believes all things
Love hopes and endures all things
Love does not fail
Love is not prophesies, tongues nor knowledge that ceases to sail

L for Life
O for Overwhelms
V for Vehemently
E for Everything

Life Overwhelms Vehemently Everything
Lo, now I know when we hate we gain nothing
Let Love Lead!
Let Life Leap!

No wonder we express sympathy for our enemy
Hmm! Love is really kind!
Then a poor girl will actually marry a man without penny
Oh! Love is really blind!

Oh! What a sweet smelling savour lyric
That beats my heart down to your music
I hope I'm falling in the arms of a compassionate Fredrick
I pray the tears from my eyes is from an affectionate garlic

Kiss me with the kisses of your mouth
Take me around the world, even to the far south
For on the table of your heart, I shall forever dine
For your love is sweeter than wine

I'll forever seek for agape
The fatherly love that plays my tape
This I'll reciprocate till death, us do part
Oh! Father help me from 'things fall apart'

I can feel the warmth embrace of your arms
Oh! Mine!... Pamper my shoulders with your right palms
Please hold me very tight, don't let me go
For I've ever yearned for you long ago

Show me the love that can make me see God
Give me a heart that is made of gold
Hold my hand and take me through to heaven's gateway
The only lighthouse where true love slay

My dear love, Taata!
Let our love not scatter
Let our love be in quarantine this Valentine
Let's save some dime and God will perfect everything in His time

Let the white angels with red roses pour
Golden rings of divine bond anchor
Not of the earthly couple's amour
Jesus es el verdadero amor!

©Nekabari Benson Nwika (Feb 14, 2021).

-For The Love Of Taata-
Dedicated to all my loved ones. 


Spanish: Amor

English: Love

Spanish: Jesus es el verdadero amor

English: Jesus is the true love

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

PART OF ME (An Ode To Self)

'PART OF ME' (An Ode To Self)
©Nekabari Nwika (February, 2021).✍️

This is a massive piece that gives a summary answer to the definition of my being- 'MADE OF MORE'.πŸ“œ

This all inclusive anatomical, physiological and psychological poetry is wrapped up in an exclusive rhymy-rhythmic summary lines.πŸ“

I guess this art release will answer the $64,000 questions that have been popping up your minds about the make up of my person.

Now you can perfectly say 'Nekabenz_MadeOfMore'.

Happy Birthday To MeπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ΅πŸŽΈπŸŽ·πŸ†πŸ»

Gracias in ecstasiesπŸ™

PART OF ME (An Ode To Self)

From the first strand of my head hair
I mean the black gold that makes me an heir
To the tip of my last toe
I mean that sole that guarantees my free toll
The aligning curves and physique slays
That gave me a perfect architecture
The spectra, alpha, beta and gamma rays
That gave me a brilliant aperture

The box that houses the brains who controls my actions
The brains that blows the mind who drives my passions
The mind that monitors the heart who holds my future
The heart that speaks the thoughts who paints my picture

My attitudes, behaviours, and characters are nature defined
My personality and temperaments are civil inclined
My intellectual, knowledge and wisdom
Are graduates of divine ability
My skills, hobbies and boredom
Are professionals of divine creativity

Calvary adventure defines my faith
Caring nature waters my fate
I'm wonderfully and fearfully made
The Modern Mandela ever laid
I'm that descent crazy dude you'll ever explore
'Cause I'm simply made of more!

So my decisions, desires and choices are lost in God's will
Same way the clay spins on the Potter's wheel
So that the sermon is preached in my lifestyle
Though my feelings and emotions are not only felt in my sex style 
They're also expressed in massive empathy and sympathy
Ever satisfied with the Abraham Accord and peace treaty

My love life is in endless state
Our joyful hope for heaven's gate
Flooded with an acute sense of romance
Even when we read the books of Romans
And charming colours of care and joy
A sweet sweet experience as in babies with toy

For me, happiness is dear
A joy giver in there
With traits of philanthropism
And divine inspirational mechanism

Life is not fair at all
Thank God I'm fair in all
So I take life unserious likely 
With rhymes and rhythms everly
I try my best to play and pamper it
That's the way greener pastures I eat

I won't neglect my first name Nekabari
So praises and worship, a music i do to tarry
An art form of poetry is my culture
A free gift to me by nature
So anytime I strike the string
And do my part to sing
Oh!... I'm chilling with the Most High King

I'm a covenant breed
Always readily sewing a seed
And absolutely taking the lead

Some say black, white, gold, albino, yellow, red and brown
Some say American, European, Chinese and Russian
I simply experience divine diplomatic immunity 
That's the root cause of my international versatility 

Some say catwalk, robotic and military walk
Some others say proud, hard, arrogant, rude, commanding and talk-talk
Some say humble, nice, soft, funny, crazy, sweet, noisy and silent
Some others say Joy giver, kind, lovely, peaceful, calm and patient

Wear me black and white garments of fine linen
Please don't keep purple and blue away from my
 golden morning
For I love Justice 
And I love to practice
The greens are good enough to make me grow wings 
And with a touch of red roses, we shall bond our rings
Yes! Brighter days and a golden marriage I see
Even my missing rib is a whole part of me

If you push on to explore
Then you've got places to tour
'Cause I'm simply made of more

©Nekabari Nwika (2021).
Dedicated to my humble self.


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